Woodworm Treatment Service

Trust Preservation offer a comprehensive woodworm treatment service from survey through to full remedial treatment.

Our first step will be to complete a thorough inspection of your property so that our experienced staff can determine the best course of treatment. Our survey will assess the species of woodworm involved and the extent of the infestation. We will set out our recommendations for treatment of the woodworm infestation and provide a quotation for the work.

Based in North Devon, Trust Preservation operate throughout the West Country which means we are highly experienced in addressing the problems, including woodworm, that can be associated with older properties. We are also familiar with the restrictions of working on listed properties.

Characteristics of Woodworm

Common Furniture Beetle (Anobium punctatum)

Attacks the sapwood of softwoods and hardwoods. Round holes approximately 2mm in diameter short frass dust filled tunnels with lemon shaped frass dust pellets.

Death Watch Beetle (Xestobium rufovillosum)

Attacks virtually always hardwood with some form of decay, however will attack softwood if well rotted and in contact with infested hardwood. Round holes 3mm in diameter lots of frass dust usually present. Frass dust is bun shaped.

Woodboring Weevel (Euophryum confine)

Attacks soft and hardwood, which have rotted. Tunnels run along the grain and frequently break the surface. Ragged holes 1mm in diameter.

Bark Borer (Ernobius mollis)

Looks like Common Furniture Beetle but the damage is confined to the barked edge. All holes are within 10-15mm of the barked edge.

Above are a few of the most common infestations. If you think that your property may be suffering from insect infestation please contact Trust Preservation for advice or a detailed survey of your property.

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