Identification of Dry Rot:

Wood loses weight as the result of the breakdown of the cellulose and the removal of the breakdown products (sugars) by the fungus. This removal of the material leads to the loss of weight.

  • Shrinkage, warping and cuboidal cracking.
  • Wood darkens in colour.
  • White fluffy cotton wool like mycelium may appear under still humid conditions.
  • A silky grey coloured skin frequently tinged with lilac and yellow patches will develop under dryer environmental conditions.
  • Stands develop in the mycelium these are brittle when dry and crack on bending.
  • Fruiting bodies are a soft and fleshy pancake or bracket with an orange/ochre surface; the surface has a reticulated or wide pore finish.
  • Red rust spores frequently visible around fruiting bodies.
  • Active decay produces a musty damp odour.

If you think that your property may be suffering from True Dry Rot please contact Trust Preservation for advice or a detailed survey of your property.

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