October, 2018

Over the years, Trust Preservation has been involved in a number of projects, utilising our specialist skill sets.

Following a full renovation of the main house Trust Preservation undertook the rebuild of a new garage and annex to match the existing main house. This project included the demolition of the old garage, construction of soil retaining walls, building into a hill, extension in height of the well and all associated drainage works.

This project was in a small North Devon Village and the site was quite steep. Over 100 tonnes of earth were removed from digging out the site and the footings. This earth was used in other parts of the garden to avoid waste and high costs of removal. The client was concerned that part of the building would be below ground and subject to penetrating dampness, but by applying our specialism and using the appropriate damp treatment and drainage works, the client was fully reassured.

The client was very pleased with the overall result and their brief of making the new building in keeping with the 135-year-old house was achieved.


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